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How to Support Mitauchi

There are many ways to to support me and The SpaceBro Community that do not require any monetary commitment.  Following me on Twitter, Joining The SpaceBro Discord and being active or lurking in our Twitch chat are just a few ways that help boost our Community within costing you any $$$.  It is important to me that every community member takes care of himself and his family first before worrying about contributing any money to the stream.  Knowing your priorities is what makes you awesome.  

If you decide that you want to contribute with your hard earned $$$ then it is important to me that I share with you were that money goes, which projects are financed and how you impact me, the community and my family!  While you can choose how to support that channel, I will give you my recommended priorities of support methods and briefly explain the impact of each!

Hands down the best way to support The SpaceBro Community & Mitauchi is to Subscribe on Twitch!  The number of Twitch Subscribers & Sub Points a channel has directly impacts the channel's monthly revenue, how Sponsors rate the streamer as a influencer and their contract with Twitch as a content creator.  

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Once you have subscribed to the channel on Twitch, Patreon is a great way to support me and my family on a monthly basis beyond the stream!  All of these fund go towards my family, getting things for my kiddos and paying bills.  There are varying rewards that give you insider & early access to channel content.  Check out some the different tiers and rewards! 

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GawkBox is a new method that our community has just begun to use.  Their service allows you to support our channel by downloading app on your mobile browser and earning tips that you can donate to our community.  To find out more about how to use Gawkbox check out the link on my Twitch page.  

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To fund all of our donation bars and the fastest way to get us money is to donate directly is to use Streamlabs.

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